• Adios, On Camera II!

    This week was the last week of On Camera II with Adria Dawn at ASC! We had a guest, Gita Kapila, and I was so pleased with my final presentation of my monologue from The Big Sick and scene from Cold War

    What's next? I'm looking into taking a stand up class, creating a reel, and hopefully landing an agent. 

    Until next time...


  • Adria Dawn is a literal goddess

    After just two weeks of Adria Dawn's class, I am already feeling so much more confident in front of the lens again! It's been great getting back into the swing of things. This first portion of her class has been focused on commercial land (incuding some really fun improv based ones) but I cannot wait to get to the meatier stuff! 

    Oh, did I mention she also helped me totally revamp my resume? She's a godsend! 

    I feel so invigorated! Acting world, here I come! Hope you're ready for me... 


  • ASC On Camera II

    I officially put down my deposit to reserve a spot in Adria Dawn's On Camera II  class at Acting Studio Chicago starting Friday September 21st! I'm really looking forward to getting back in front of the camera again. 

    Until then...


  • Accelerated Meisner Program = Complete!

    Hey y'all! I finished up the Accelerated Meisner program with Green Shirt Studio this past week. What a great journey. I feel so renewed as an actor, artist, and human. It was an honor and a privilege to work with these beautiful people for 10 weeks straight. Seriously, what a treat! 

    I want to keep the ball rolling and have just expressed interest in Acting Studio Chicago's On Camera II class. I should be hearing within a few days if there's a spot available for me!

    Oh, and I'm finally going to be better about updating this thing, I promise. I am literally setting a reminder in my calendar right now. 

    Until next time...


  • Accelerated Meisner, say whaaaaat?

    For the past four weeks, Miranda has been taking an Accelerated Meisner class at Green Shirt Studio. With four weeks down and six to go, Miranda is learning so much and is challenging herself to personalize as much as possible. She is thrilled with her scene assignment from The Coming World as well as her monologue choice from Spoon River and cannot wait to work on them further. Graduation showcase announcement coming in the future! Stay tuned! 

  • Simon Casting!!!

    Miranda was contacted with a time to come in for an audition with Simon Casting! Here goes nothing! #ShowEmWhatYouGot

  • Simon Casting...?

    Miranda has submitted for a General Audition with Simon Casting! Here's hoping something comes of this submission! Check back for updates soon!

  • Dirty Little Secret

    Hey all! Miranda will be performing in The Agency Theater Collective's 24-Hour Play Festival "Dirty Little Secret" this Sunday, July 2nd! After rehearsing all day, the show goes up at 8pm! Hope to see you all there!

  • One Year Update!

    What has Miranda been up to this past year?

    • Took classes with Liz Joynt-Sandberg and Anthony LeBlanc at The Second City Training Center.
    • Performed in Coached Ensembles in Donny's Skybox at The Second City.
    • Auditioned like a madwoman!
    • Submitted to agencies.
    • Switched day jobs.
    • Worked on her physical and mental health.

    She is so very excited to attend Simon Casting's "Show Off For School Supplies" event tomorrow!

    Stay tuned for more (and hopefully more frequent) updates in the future!

  • Going cuckoo for the Cuckoo's!

    Miranda is ridiculously excited to be working with The Cuckoo's Theater Project on their upcoming production of The Heidi Chronicles! Miranda will be understudying the roles of Heidi and Susan! It's a lot of words, but she's up for the challenge! Miranda is continuing to audition for other productions and seek agency representation. No rest for the wicked!